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Types Of Avocado Trees In Kenya

Fortunately we came across this handy infographic below that pictures an impressive 50 plus of the most well known avocado varieties around. Hass avocado yield per tree.

Hass Avocado Seedlings Oxfarm

It declines in poorly draining and saline soil.

Types of avocado trees in kenya. Soil pH ranging from 5-7. The wedge grafting method is the most successful. A banana tree takes about 9 months to grow and bananas meant for commercial purposes are harvested before ripening to reduce damage and loss during transportation.

Avocado Varieties in Kenya There are over 40 varieties of avocado trees countrywide. There are two popular apple types in Kenya. Usually the average yield in Kenya is 87780 fruits per hectare.

Proper pest and disease control plant density and soil fertility are the major factors affecting the yields of hass avocado. Hass avocado does well in altitudes between 1000m to 2000m. An avocado tree can grow successfully in a variety of soil types and in soil with acidic or alkaline pH levels but the tree requires soil that has good drainage.

However the main preferred avocado fruits for processing and export are the Fuerte and Hass variety. Although avocados are fairly resistant. The fruit is generally bigger in cool areas as compared to warm areas.

The optimum temperature is 20 to 24 degrees celcius. Although an avocado tree cannot tolerate wet soil it needs at least 1 inch of water. There are in fact three main types of avocado.

Data were collected mainly by face-to-face interviews with 275 avocado farmers 231 avocado traders and 16 key informants. The Hass has the longest season of any known avocado and has been demonstrated to be edible throughout most of the year. Avocado crop in Tanzania is sparingly investigated regardless of being an important fruit commodity.

Here is the list of the best conditions for Avocado farming. Temperate Fruit Trees in Kenya will be highly instrumental in addressing the first two constraints which are linked to market development. Grafting should be done when the root stock is still soft.

Africa Hass Avocado Varieties. Well-drained fertile soil like the loam soil. Avocado farming has taken Kenya by storm due to the low maintenance and the ready market locally and abroad.

Other types used commercially include. Kenya produces an estimated 115000 metric tonnes of avocados annually 70 per cent of which is grown by smallholder farmers. Not all avocados were created equal.

On the right a Fuerte Type B in the. Though many hybrids exist. We consider a fruit tree or plant to be among the best if it has high nutrition value profitable with high profits for farmers or easy to plant care and manage.

Avocados are produced commercially in seven different provinces of Kenya. 9 fruits to grow in Kenya Bananas Bizna. Avocado is nearly sodium free rich in potassium dietary fibre and vitamin B6 C D and E.

This study was undertaken to explore the yield and the value chain of this crop in the country. Apple Farming in Kenya. Kenyas location plays a huge part in the production of delicious avocados attracting many global companies to buy avocados from Kenya.

On the left a Hass Type A in the male stage more closed up and the stigma no longer receptive. The author who is an expert with more than 40 years of experience in horticulture in East Africa. The geographical position of Kenya makes it easy to export to Europe Asia and China as compared to other leading Avocado growing countries such as Mexico and other South American countries.

Avocado trees seedlings are grown in the nursery from healthy egg sized seeds which are extracted from the fruits and planted in boxes seedbed or 4kg containers. As a back-yard tree its season is probably from March to November but commercially from May to October at in Kenya. Kenya ranks as one of the largest avocado exporters in the world 11th in 2014 and has experienced rapid growth in exports over the last decade.

It is eaten as fresh fruit in salads soups ice cream The avocado Persea americana is native to the Americas but grows well in KenyaIt is. In Africa Kenya is the second largest exporter of avocados after South Africa. The green apple and the red apple.

Favorable temperature between 1000m to 2000m. The Kenyan climate is sunny the soil is dry and contains proper drainage. Altitude range between 1000m to 2000m.

At present it fills the gap between the Fuerte and the other varieties bringing high prices at this time. KSh 20000 KSh 15000. Two different treestypes of avocados blooming in our yard on the same afternoon.

Considering those features we give you a list of the 11 types of fruits with pictures that are most profitable to grow in Kenya in 2021. From the time its grown an apple tree can take an average 2 4 or 2. Here are most Africa Avocado Varieties each in African nation and African country.

Nabal Puebla-both terribly inexperienced variations Kenya. In Kenya Hass avocado is mainly cultivated by both large-scale growers and small scale farmers. Mexican Guatemalan and West Indian with the avocados most commonly found around the world being Fuerte and Hass.

Kenyan Hass Avocado Varieties area some of the best within the world as Africa continent vaunts many the best varieties. In Kenya the price of a 90kg bag of avocados has risen to Sh2560 the highest price since 2014 according to the Directorate of Horticulture. There are two major types of apples grown in Kenya the green one and the red ones.

Hass-a thick variation Kenya SA. Apples grow best in full sunlight away from wind in wet loamy or sandy soil. Grafting should be carried out when the seedlings reach pencil thickness.

Ease of entry maintenance ability to be intercropped with other short term crops. While you may only see a few types of avocado at your local grocery store hundreds of varieties grow around the world. Descriptive statistics Chi-square test and one-way analysis of variance.

A unit of tree if irrigated well will provide 1000 fruits per year. Best Conditions For Avocado Farming in Kenya.

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